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Hi! My name is LauraBeth Ryan

AKA "The Queen Of Resilience Who Coaches With Compassion"

​LauraBeth has been committed to helping women overcome their challenges and become unstoppable in life and business for over 25 years. She will help you simplify, lessen your stress, and live with abundant joy in every area of your life.

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My Story

At 28, my life changed drastically. With four young sons, I faced an injury that left me bedridden. My faith in God was tested as I struggled with chronic pain and a world that seemed to be falling apart.

After seeing many doctors, I discovered my sacroiliac joint ligaments were torn, causing severe pain and instability. Despite searching for a solution for five years, nothing helped. I went through deep depression, but God gave me the gift of writing, filling my heart with hope through poetry and prose. I decided to live each day positively, despite my condition.

I adapted my parenting, turning my bedroom into a family room where we read books, did homework, played games, and talked. Although I missed being active, I was always there for my boys. As they grew older, I launched Cheerful Hearts, inspired by a vision from years before. I created an inspirational line of greeting cards, gifts, and keepsakes, and began motivational speaking to encourage others.

My marriage, however, deteriorated. My husband turned to alcohol, making our home unsafe. For my safety, I had to leave, moving to Texas with just a suitcase. Despite hopes of reconciliation, my husband refused help, and my boys turned against me. A new medical procedure gave me hope, but my husband’s accusations only deepened the rift.

Living on disability, I sought help from a domestic abuse group to fight for my kids. Though I won partial custody, my boys chose not to see me. I had to accept their absence, hoping one day they’d reconnect.

Leaning on Christ, I rebuilt my life with support from my sisters, church, counseling, and a domestic violence group. Cheerful Hearts was on hold, but I revived it with government funding, expanding it to include life coaching. I met my loving husband on Christian Mingle, who supports me personally and professionally, treating me like a queen.

Life is good again, filled with purpose and joy. No matter how bleak life seems, keep your faith in God. There is joy on the other side!

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