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Finding The Right Speaker

Finding the right speaker for your event is important. Especially one that can resonate with your audience.

Majority Of Speakers Have...

Generic Messages

Many speakers offer generic speeches that fail to connect with the specific challenges your audience faces, leaving them uninspired & unengaged.

Lack of Authenticity

Some speakers struggle to authentically share their experiences, which results in a lack of genuine connection with the audience and diminishes the overall impact.

Limited Impact

Without a compelling story and a unique approach, many speakers fail to leave a lasting impression, causing the audience to remain unchanged and unmotivated.

So Why Should You Book Me?

Tailored Message

LauraBeth addresses the specific needs and challenges faced by professional women and ensures her message resonates with them.

Lasting Impact

LauraBeth’s powerful and authentic storytelling leaves a lasting impact, motivating the audience to embrace hope, resilience, and personal growth.


With over 25 years of experience and hundreds of speeches delivered, LauraBeth has earned her title as "The Queen of Resilience Who Coaches with Compassion,"

Strong Story

From losing her ability to walk and enduring chronic pain to finding hope and joy through faith and perseverance, she offers a strong compelling story.

LauraBeth’s Journey: From Despair to Triumph

LauraBeth's life is a testament to the power of faith, determination, and perseverance. At 28, she lost her ability to walk and endured chronic pain, all while being the mother of four young sons. Despite these challenges, she clung to her faith, found new purpose, and ultimately discovered immense joy.

LauraBeth is one of the best speakers I have enjoyed listening to this year! She has a strong powerful voice that breathes love and caring. She has this unique way of connecting to her audience while at the same time teaching them life skills. SHE IS POWERFUL so if you want to light up your audience, hire her for your next event.

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