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What Clients Say About LauraBeth

Life coaching sessions with LauraBeth are like taking a breath of fresh air.  This is the best I have felt (physically, emotionally and spiritually) in a very long time.  Now I find something joyful in each day.  I’m even finding time to make future plans and create a ministry incorporating my life passions!!  LauraBeth is my inspiration!  She has been such a blessing to me!

Rae Ann LaGetti |  Phoenix, Arizona

I truly believe LauraBeth is a wonderful coach!  I feel so much more grounded and on track.  If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, life coaching with LauraBeth would be the gift of a lifetime to yourself!  You will gain clarity and direction and finally become the “You” that you were always meant to be!

Doris Marler | Round Rock, TX

LauraBeth has an amazing “Gift“ as a life coach!  In my coaching sessions, I found her to be very understanding, non-judgmental and was given good, sound advice.  She always has a word of inspiration that offers the sense of possibility and was a constant source of support!  If you are looking for someone you can trust to help make positive changes in your life, I highly recommend her!

Brenda Davilla | Round Rock, TX

I loved having LauraBeth as a life and business coach.  She helped me break down things that were leaving me overwhelmed and put them into small, doable tasks!  I was able to discover what I wanted to accomplish and achieved those goals with ease.  What I love about her is that she walks the talk and I admire her for that.

Maureen Norton | Westminster, VA

I had been going through life feeling like I was running in circles on the hamster wheel, wearing myself out, but not going anywhere.  I was 38 years old and lacking direction.  I grew in my confidence as I had my sessions with LauraBeth and soon discovered a whole new career path.  I feel like I was a tight ball of yarn that has slowly unraveled and am now blooming into the person I was always meant to be!

Amy Philips | Houston, TX

I have been blessed by hearing LauraBeths’s personal story, through narrative, poetry and song, and witnessed the beauty of her faith emerge from trials.  Her life is a testament to the God she loves.  Her simple words resonate with the power of experiential Truth.  She has experienced the love of God in the face of discouragement–and has dared to Hope with a hope that does not disappoint, hope that has anchored her soul in troubled times (Romans 5:5; Hebrews 6:19).  LauraBeth’s message offers comfort to all of us, especially to those who suffer, as she presents to us the sustaining “God of all comfort” (2 Cor. 1:3).  In her admitted weakness, He is made strong.  Through her testimony, I have seen Jesus a little more clearly.  I am richer for it.

Christina  Bynum | La Plata,  MD

LauraBeth’s Cheerful Hearts presentation based on real life experiences including songs, poetry and biblical truths took me to the height of my emotion and touched the inner part of me that wanted to be reminded of the importance of what life is really all about!!!  That is a positive attitude, love, humor and perseverance.  Despite LauraBeth’s physical limitations and challenging situations, her spirit is energetic and inspirational.  But most importantly, she honors God with her work.  And it’s her passion for the Lord and the message of truth, hope and love that gives purpose and reaches people.

Marisol “Desirae” Evans | Round Rock, TX

I have great admiration for LauraBeth.  She has come out of very difficult circumstances (to put it mildly) and chose to trust God.  She is a FIGHTER.  She reminds me of a Princess Warrior.  For truly, she is the daughter of the King of all creation and demonstrates to her audience that “The weapons of our warfare are not physical [weapons of flesh and blood], but they are mighty before God for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds.”  2 Corinthians 10:4AMP

She has a very powerful testimony of walking with God and teaches others how to be an overcomer!

Sylvia Patterson | Women’s Ministries Director Life Connection Church | Round Rock, TX

LauraBeth’s approach to telling her story is truly authentic.  You can’t help but identify with the struggle of being caught up in life’s complexity and to imagine how it might feel to learn (involuntarily) to slow down.  The physical healing that has taken place in her body is only overshadowed by the insight she has gained from the struggle.  It’s a story of hope, perseverance and redemption that I would recommend to anyone feeling overwhelmed in life!

Tanya Patterson Dement | Austin, TX

It was truly a very memorable evening as LauraBeth began to share her heart, not only in word, but also in song!  She is an anointed poet, artist, songwriter and speaker and very encouraging to all those who sat in her presence.  I was truly captivated and moved with such compassion.  She is very special and has such an all-inspiring testimony of God’s grace and mercy.  It will be a night forever etched in my memory and know you will be inspired and touched as well once you hear her unbelievable testimony of her personal journey through many tribulations, but more so, of God’s unfailing love and compassion for all His children in the midst of any circumstance! 

Brenda Ford | Waldorf, MD

I was so inspired when I heard LauraBeth’s presentation!  To hear all that she has gone through and how God has blessed her is amazing!  I feel like I see God’s love every time she smiles!  LauraBeth, you are truly blessing!  Keep sharing your story and singing your beautiful songs as I know it will inspire others to keep looking to God for strength!

Linda Rider | Round Rock, TX

When I went to a Cheerful Hearts event and saw the beauty of LauraBeth’s work, I was awestruck, and as she shared her story, I was truly moved.  It was an evening full of inspiration, encouragement and joy!  LauraBeth has an amazing way of touching others’ lives with her poetry, music and personal stories.  Through her work and God’s unending love, you will be motivated to press on in whatever difficulties you may be facing!

Cinda Serbu | Accokeek, MD

I myself am a writer and it can be a rough road.  Though I have recently been published, it can get discouraging.  I have also wondered if I might ever find love again.  But as I listened to LauraBeth share her story through poetry and song, taking in all that she went through emotionally, physically and financially and witnessing her spiritual journey of success in both her personal and professional life, it gives me hope that I, too, can have that!  

Sandy Lott | Hutto,  TX

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