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Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is a great time to reflect on the past year and decide what you want to do differently. You may choose a goal that you want to accomplish in the coming year. Here are some tips on how to accomplish that goal. Cheerful Hearts by Laura Beth is a personal empowerment life coach.

Chose Your Goal

This is the most important step. It’s what you will be working toward all year, or until you accomplish it. Many people mess up this step by choosing something that is too big of a goal and therefore unrealistic. Have one main goal and if you are going to set other goals make sure they won’t get in the way of accomplishing your main one. In fact, they should help you accomplish your main one. For example, if you want to lose weight as your main goal your secondary goal could be to run your first 5K.


You should be your biggest ally in accomplishing your goals. This means you have to encourage yourself on a daily basis. Start by writing your goal down and posting it in places you will see it. Verbally say your goal every day. This will help keep you focused. Publicly declare your goal on social media if you want. This can help you find a support group of people that are going for the same goal.

Turn It In To A Habit

It takes two weeks for something to form as a habit for you. Break down your goal in to small actions and start with the first step. Turn this one step in to a habit and it will be that much easier to accomplish your goal after each month.

Thank you for visiting the Cheerful Hearts by Laura Beth Ryan, a personal empowerment life coach. If you need someone to help you accomplish your New Year’s Resolution contact LauraBeth today.


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