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Are you a people pleaser?

The people pleaser has a problem with needing to make other people happy because it in turn makes them feel liked. This often stems from a self-worth problem. Here are some ways to know if you are a people pleaser.

You Agree With Everyone on Everything

Pleasing people is often confused with kindness. But when you stand for nothing personally you lose who you are. Quietly listening to everyone’s opinions and thoughts is a good social skill to have but don’t compromise who you are in the process.

You Apologize For Existing

This is especially an issue for women. Whether this because you excessively blame yourself for other people’s shortcomings or it’s out of fear do not do this. Stop apologizing for things that have nothing to do with you. If you apologize to a chair for bumping in to it out of reflex it might be a good sign to look deeper in to this.

You Can’t Say No

You are in charge of your time but if you are constantly promising other people to help them take their grandmother to a doctor’s appointment you won’t have any time to attain your own personal goals. Choose how you spend your time wisely. Protect your time because you only have so much.

You Go Out of Your Way to Avoid Conflict

Someone at your office tells you they don’t like the color of your shirt so you go buy a new one during lunch so you don’t offend them the rest of the day. If this sounds like the kind of lengths you go to, to please people, consider instead that that person was rude and you are rocking that shirt.

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