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Are You Paying Attention to the Signs?

There are signs all around us, when we slow down enough to see them. Last night, though is was bitter cold out, there was a red and black spotted lady bug right on my kitchen table. I have heard seeing one is a sign of good luck.  I paused for just a moment, realizing that is was unusual to see a ladybug this time of year, then scooped it up, opened the door, and set him free. Then this morning , Kevin and I noticed these two doves sitting on our windowsill. We decided to grab a cup of cocoa, and just sit & watch them. I wrote these moments down and placed them in my 2015 grateful jar. When we go too fast, we can miss those moments.

 Are you going too fast ?  Will you slow down enough to pay more attention?  If you do, you will be surprised at how many beautiful things, as well as signs are out there.  When you start slowing your pace, and consciously pay attention, you will start to notice that there are signs all around you! It makes life more fun!  

Have you encountered anything like this in your life as of  late?  Even the tiniest of things?  If so , Please share your “Sign” and its significance to you in the comment section below.  I love to hear from you, and will respond to your comments.  I look forward to all the wondrous things going on.


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