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Become a More Assertive Person

When it comes to being assertive, this involves being direct about what you want, feel, believe, and/or need in a manner that will be respectful of others. This is a skill that can help to not only build up your self-confidence, but also reduce conflict and improve relationships with others.

Here are five useful tips that will help you be more assertive:

Agree to Disagree

Keep in mind that just because you may have a different point of view than someone else, that doesn’t mean that you are right, while the other person is wrong.

Remain Calm

Take the time to breathe normally, look at the other person right in their eyes, relax your face, and speak in a normal voice.

Decide to Positively Assert Yourself

Make the decision to be more assertive rather than passive or aggressive. Take the time to practice this for yourself.

Don’t Start Guilt Trips

Always be honest and tell other people how you really feel about something. Do this without making them feel guilty and without making accusations.

Listen to the Other Person

When the other person is speaking to you, always listen to what their point of view is. Never interrupt them while they’re explaining things to you.

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