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Ever Wonder When The Sun Will Come Out Again?

I was really concerned I was not going to be well enough to make a planned trip on a Caribbean cruise that was a belated birthday gift from my mom and younger sister!  But I recovered just in time to make the trip!  It was an amazing time of relaxation and special times with my mom and sisters!

I had also been working on getting an electric wheelchair for some time, as even at my best, I can only stand/walk for short distances.  It came in the week before and made the trip that much more enjoyable.  The independence and freedom it gave me to go about the ship without needing assistance was a great feeling!

It had been such a rough two months prior with a pain flare that kept me in bed for those two months and it was hard to see out of it.  Pain, whether emotional or physical, has a way of distorting our view.   That is when we must rely on others around us for support to help us through.   My husband, Kevin, kept encouraging me that I would feel better again and said, “Hang on honey; you will have a cruise to enjoy once you get through this”.  And he was right!

Friend, there will be times in life where you feel like your problems are too big and there is no end in sight.  You may wonder if the sun will ever shine again.   When this happens, look to the Lord for His strength and rest, rely on others around you for support and I promise you, the sun will not only shine, but you will experience a rainbow of  joy again!

Sisters on the deck
sistersinorder and mom
debarking the boat

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