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Fall Self Care: Four Useful Tips for Fall

Fall self care During the fall season, many people oftentimes tend to think about self-care, especially when they realize that all of the stress involving the winter holidays is just around the corner, as well as days that are shorter and darker and temperatures that are colder.

Here are four of the best self-care tips for the fall season to help ensure that you are as prepared as possible.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the best self-care tips for fall is to consider going on a mini-retreat. Oftentimes, many people tend to reflect on their lives whenever the new year comes around; however, one useful alternative to this is to instead going on a mini-retreat in order to reflect on your life, as well as establish new goals while the seasonal transitions are ongoing. The fall season itself is considered to be one that is for refining, selecting, and reflecting, so take the time to consider which specific activities you want to keep in your life and which ones you should get rid of. Additionally, think about how life is currently working for you, what all needs to change, and what all you wish to change next. Furthermore, consider spending at least one hour reflecting on your life as it currently exists, as well as selecting only a few simple changes that you should make prior to the beginning of the holiday season itself.

*Another of the best self-care tips for fall is to consider adding more warming types of foods to your general diet. Perhaps the best way to help with counteracting the windy, cold, and dry climate that associated with the fall season is to think about starting to add more comforting and warming foods to your daily diet. For instance, consider trying a bowl of vegetable soup for lunch or enjoying a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.

*One other of the best self-care tips for fall is to consider adding more oil to your general skincare routine, as this can help to counteract overall dryness. For instance, think about using a soothing body oil after taking a bath or a shower, as this can help to greatly nourish your skin, as well as relieve dryness. Another useful option is to consider trying chili-mustard oil on your feet, as well as the Oil Cleansing Method on your face.

Fall self care *Another great self-care tip for the fall season is to take the time to cook with more warming herbs. This time of year is considered to be the best to begin cooking with herbs that are not only warming, but also immune-boosting as well. Some of the most common herbs that are great for this include sage, thyme, and rosemary, especially when it comes to helping with clearing up colds. Furthermore, these herbs are also ones that are found in plenty of comforting and warm fall recipes. Additionally, you can also use additional amounts of chili and ginger, both of which can be extremely warming, and if you need an additional boost, think about drinking hot lemon, ginger, and honey throughout the day.


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