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Four Great Summer Self-Care Ideas

When it comes to summer vacation, this is something that can be rough on a lot of people for many different reasons. Thankfully, during this time of year, you can take a break from all sorts of things, but self-care is something that shouldn’t be one of them. Self-care is perhaps the one thing that can truly help us maintain a more mindful balance in our lives, as well as making it a great deal easier to care for ourselves.

Here are four great summer self-care ideas to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, perhaps one great summer self-care idea is to always protect your skin. Protection from the sun is something that’s extremely important during this time of year, so you will always want to ensure that you’re investing in a good quality sunscreen. Make sure that you’re always applying it thoroughly, as well as reapplying it after you get wet, as well as after a period of 80 minutes. Furthermore, you can also gain additional protection from the sun by wearing a hat, rashguard, or coverup as well.

*Another useful summer self-care idea is to always ensure that you keep yourself as active as possible. During both travel and self-care, your physical body tends to get neglected, meaning that the summer season can be the perfect time to switch a few things up. For instance, consider partaking in a few different outdoor activities such as kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, hiking, and so much more. These and other types of outdoor activities are great ways to ensure that you are able to not only get your body moving, but also creating more of a major impact on your mood, cardiovascular health, and hormones as well.

*One other great summer self-care idea is to consider meeting up with a close friend for a picnic. When it comes to something like mental health, having a support system that is both dedicated and strong is something that can and should never be negotiated. Your own support system is something that can be either grown or built upon thanks to an activity such as meeting up with a friend for a picnic lunch, especially when that friend is someone that you both trust and enjoy being around. During this lunch, you can spend time together catching up with one another, laughing, and enjoying a relaxing glass of wine.

*Another great summer self-care idea is to consider disconnecting. More specifically, think about taking a day to get away from anything and everything involving both the internet and social media, as well as simply turning off your phone. These days, we often find ourselves attached to our phones, which is something that can result in all sorts of worry and anxiety in terms of our overall connection to the world itself. When we make the decision to disconnect for even a single day, this is something that can seem like a stressful task, but in the long run, it will be extremely beneficial for your overall mental health.

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