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Four Useful Self-Care Tips to Help Boost Your Mental Health

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It’s certainly no secret that the past year has given many of us all sorts of reasons to feel stressed, anxious, and a myriad of other similar feelings, which is why something such as self-care is extremely important for people of all ages, especially since the benefits involved with something like this include us becoming much more productive, creative, and confident.

Here are four of the most useful self-care tips to consider making note of in order to better boost your own overall mental health.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most useful self-care tips to consider in order to help boost your mental health is to keep a gratitude journal. This means that you should take the time to write down a few things that you’re the most grateful for either in a journal or on a few slips of paper before then revisiting them each and every month throughout the year. According to one clinical psychologist, “studies have indicated that practicing gratitude has numerous benefits, including optimizing our cardiac health, reducing anxiety and depression, as well as sharpening our brain function and giving us peace of mind.”

*Another useful self-care tip to help boost your overall mental health is to take the time to eat a healthy snack. Keep in mind that your body requires fuel in order to remain balanced, functioning, and healthy throughout the day. More specifically, it requires a mixture of proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Consider taking the time to eat a more healthy alternative such as vegetables with hummus, bananas with peanut butter, granola, or Greek yogurt with blueberries as opposed to snacks that are more sugary, as these can result in your blood sugar both spiking and crashing.

*One other great self-care tip that can help with boosting your mental health is to consider ordering food that can be delivered to your home rather than cooking yourself. Oftentimes, one of the best things that you can do in terms of mental health is to not do something that’s part of your normal routine. Even if ordering takeout food is something that you don’t normally do, consider treating yourself every once in a great while by ordering dinner for yourself and having it delivered so that you don’t have to worry about taking the time to actually cook something to eat.

*Another great self-care tip that can be useful in boosting your overall mental health is to simply meditate. According to various research, meditating on a regular basis has the ability to undo the negative effects that is often caused by stress and can also calm the portion of the human brain that is responsible for the fight or flight response. According to one expert, “set your phone timer for five minutes. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, and release any tension that your body is holding onto. If you begin to wander off into other thoughts, don’t judge yourself. Simply bring yourself back to the awareness of your breath.”

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