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How to Safely Lose Weight and Keep It Off

So you have decided that your New Year’s Resolution is that you want to lose a few extra pounds. You may be lost on where to start or how to keep going. Here is some advice on how to get to a healthy weight and keep it. Are you looking for an online healthy weight loss life coach? LauraBeth, owner of Cheerful Hearts, can help motivate you to lose the weight safely and keep it off.

What’s your motivation?

The first step is to have a healthy mindset for losing weight. Are you doing this for health reasons? Is it safe for you to lose weight? Do you understand why you want to lose weight? Once you understand what your motivation is it’s easier to tackle the goal.

Do you have a realistic goal?

Health experts say it’s healthiest to gradually lose weight. Have a realistic goal of losing 1-2 pounds per week. Don’t listen to the fad diets or quick weight loss programs that promise 30 pounds in a week. That is neither realistic or safe.

What’s your plan?

As with any goal you need to have a plan on how to accomplish it. If this is out of your expertise level than contact an expert. Or you can do some research online about what kind of workout plans already exist and try those.

How are you tracking your progress?

You aren’t going to know if you are making any progress if you don’t have metrics to track your progress with. There are several ways to do this. One of the most popular ways right now is with a fitness activity tracker or watch. You can get one for $20-$500+. Find one that meets your needs.

Thank you for visiting the Cheerful Hearts by LauraBeth blog, an online healthy weight loss life coach. If you are looking for coaching in your life contact LauraBeth to schedule a free consultation to see how she can help you.


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