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Learn to Control Your Anxiety

Chances are if you suffer from anxiety, then you’ve likely read all sorts of advice related to anti-anxiety; however, keep in mind that nothing will be achieved unless you take some form of action. An anxiety life coach can help you learn to control your anxiety.

Here are three useful tips that will help you change your anxiety issues.


Begin your day by spending ten minutes giving yourself positive energy and solitude. Make your thoughts more open-minded and calm during this period. Create a safe, quiet and calm space to sit and think about what it is you want and you can obtain. Prepare for your day this way to ensure a smoother day. Thinking about your day in small steps breaks it up into smaller goals.

Stop Drinking Soda/Coffee

Rather than drinking soda, which is packed with sugar, at a specific time of the day, consider switching that out for some green tea. This is because soda can actually eliminate vitamins and minerals from your general diet, as well as have a bad effect on your smile. Coffee is also a bad idea because it has caffeine which can worsen your anxiety and stain your teeth just like soda. If you find you have trouble sleeping caffeine and sugar could be the culprit.


Consider treating yourself to a haircut, massage or mani-pedi as a form of self-care. If money is something that’s an issue for you, think about checking out either a training school or discount salon that caters to those who are on a budget. These aren’t the only ways you can practice self-care. A simple walk through a park counts. Anything that brightens your mood and focusing on bettering yourself is considered self-care.

Thank you for visiting the Cheerful Hearts by LauraBeth blog, an online life coach. If you are looking to learn how to control your anxiety contact LauraBeth, an anxiety life coach, to find out how she can help.


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