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Self Care for College Students: Four Useful Tips

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Self care for college students More often than not, a vast majority of college students spend many late night hours studying, submitting papers before a deadline, and balancing both school and social life. Despite the fact that college is supposed to be one of the finest experiences in life, there are those who struggle with prioritizing their time in order to incorporate proper self-care. Even though academics themselves are important, it’s also equally as important to never forget to set time aside to take care of yourself as well.

Here are four of the most useful self-care strategies for college students to make note of.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most useful self-care strategies for college students is to always take breaks in order to refuel. This includes taking breaks while either writing a paper or studying in the library, meaning that you should attempt to complete something such as a 15-page paper in 24 hours before a deadline in which it’s due. Instead, allow yourself to have an acceptable amount of time to complete your assignments so that you will be able to schedule breaks to obtain more energy.

*Another useful self-care strategy for college students is to obtain support from relationships. Having relationships that are supportive is something that tends to be much more positive for your overall mental health. On top of spending time with your family and friends, you can also consider getting involved in your choice of campus organizations. Despite the fact that you’re attending college in order to obtain a degree, it’s just as important to set aside an acceptable amount of time to ensure that you are able to have a social life.

*One other great self-care strategy for college students is to eat meals that are healthy and balanced. When you follow a more nutritious food plan, you will be working to give your body all of the natural nutrients and vitamins that it requires in order to properly thrive. College students should take the time to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their overall daily intake. Generally, you should eat breakfast daily, take multivitamins, drink approximately 6 to 8 glasses of water, and ensure that you pack snacks to keep you filled up during any long hours in the library. In order of what you should avoid, this includes refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and fried foods.

Self care for college students *Another useful self-care strategy for college students is to sleep. Keep in mind that your body requires around 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night in order to be able to properly function. Additionally, sleep is also considered to be a natural healing process for your body, as it gives your brain the chance to actively work whenever you sleep. One of the best tips to increase greater sleeping habits is to be sure to shut off all electronic devices approximately 30 minutes prior to going to bed. Furthermore, research also shows that approximately 73% of college students reported various forms of sleeping issues, while 11% reported that they were able to sleep without any issues at all.



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