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Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching – How to spot the signs you might miss!

Kevin & I just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary.  I was in the back yard in the morning when a huge orange butterfly flew by.  I stopped and took notice because butterflies have a special meaning for us.  We fell in love while at a butterfly festival!  Without spiritual life coaching, it is so easy to be rushed and not take notice of the signs that remind of us God’s love for us and the special little things He does when we are rushed and busy.

Later that evening as we went out to celebrate I was concerned about where we could go since I must eat gluten free due to Celiac disease.  I had also come out of a long flare of not being able to digest food so was nervous.  But we found a new place and I knew because of my own spiritual life coaching that this was once again a sign that the Lord was looking out for me when we met our server.  After sharing my needs she assured me that she was the perfect server to have because she has friends with Celiac and she is also a nutritional coach.  I was so reassured and had a wonderful evening with no problems!

I went home and placed those two special things in my “grateful jar” as a reminder because otherwise we can easily forget all of the little things God does for us that can mean a lot!  I encourage you to slow down and look for the signs around you.  Watch my video below about spiritual life coaching and I promise you will see signs everywhere and you will be elated when you start to take notice!


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