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Thanksgiving Self Care Ideas for Those Who Are Alone

Thanksgiving self care – Even though it’s all too common to hear about stress that’s associated with heading home for the holiday season, there’s often a less amount of discussion that associated with spending the holiday season alone. There are many instances in which some people aren’t able to go home for a holiday such as Thanksgiving for many different reasons, such as distance, funding, scheduling issues, and family issues. When it comes to spending Thanksgiving on your own, this is something that can come with its own share of challenges, even if this is the first time that you’re experiencing something like this.

Here are four self-care tips to consider for those who are missing Thanksgiving with loved ones.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most important self-care tips for those who are missing Thanksgiving with loved ones is to simply treat yourself. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is always based more around food, so consider indulging in many of the favorite things that you enjoy eating. For instance, you could re-make a family member’s traditional holiday recipe or consider placing a delivery order from a restaurant that you enjoy and that may happen to be open that day. Whatever you decide to do, the choices are absolutely endless.

*Another great self-care tip for those who are missing Thanksgiving with loved ones is to keep in mind what the day itself is truly about. Despite the fact that you may not actually be celebrating the day with anyone else, you can still take the time to embrace what Thanksgiving itself is really about no matter where you are. For instance, consider taking a few moments to write down everything that you’re thankful for.

*One other useful self-care tip for those who are missing Thanksgiving with loved ones is to take the time to reach out to others. If you find yourself celebrating the holiday on your own, consider reaching out to other individuals who may be experiencing the same thing. Alternatively, if you don’t personally know anyone who is going through the same situation, you can still reach out for support via online gatherings. According to one life coach, “Sometimes, we expect our loved ones and close friends to read our non-verbal clues as to what’s going on with us. I once had a close friend who spent the holidays by herself. When our close friend asked her, ‘Why didn’t you tell us you were going to be alone?’ She responded with, ‘Well, I kind of figured that you all would just know.’ It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to share personal emotions, especially when we are the party in need.”

Thanksgiving self care *Another important self-care tip for those who are missing Thanksgiving with loved ones is to consider scheduling your favorite things. Despite the fact that Thanksgiving itself may only last for a single day, the truth is that activities such as cooking, traveling, and more can practically overtake the entire week. This means that you should take the time to prepare yourself by planning something that you enjoy doing or something that simply makes you feel good, as it can end up making you feel more like yourself.


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