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The Sky Is The Limit!


LauraBeth & Kevin by water In Kemah

Greetings Friends,

I hope those of you in the United States had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I had a really good one!  Kevin and I visited his family in Houston and had a great meal and I allowed myself to overindulge for the day. Mmm…mmmm good!  It is good to allow for times of feasting but important to get back on track to a healthy regimen so that our bodies can function at our optimum!

There was a time when I lost my family that the Holidays were very difficult.  I would have rather skipped right past them.  If that is you, remember that the holidays do not define you, every day of the year does! Reach out to those you care about for support and know that life will get better!

I did something that had been on my bucket list but could not due to my condition.  We went to the Kemah boardwalk in Houston and I spied a zip line whizzing through the air.  I noticed this one had a chair with a back and hoped there was not a jolt.  It was safe for me and I was thrilled.  Getting up high in the air and feeling like I am flying is exhilarating in a body that has limitations.

It was a dream of mine to zip through the air and it was scary and amazing.  If you have a dream big or small, look for ways to make it happen!  There may be obstacles but you can find a way.  I encourage you to dream big friend.

Preparing to do Zip Line in Kemah

About to do Zip Line in Kemah


Riding high on the Zip Line


Cheers to a great Day!


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