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Three Self-Care Tips You Have Never Tried

Mental Health Self Care Tips. Chances are you have likely spent a great deal of time being nice to other people; however, the chances are even greater that you’ve forgotten about taking the time to be nice to yourself. It used to be considered as a selfish act to practice self-care, but in today’s environment, it’s almost a necessity. Additionally, showing yourself some love and kindness can greatly help to lower your amount of stress, as well as boost your immune system and help you feel better about yourself both inside and out.

Here are three of the best self-care tips that you have likely never tried.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the best self-care tips that you have never tried is to simply spend some time alone. Oftentimes, being nicer to yourself can simply mean unwinding by spending time alone for a little while. In fact, a 2016 study showed that 18,000 individuals from a total of 134 countries found that spending time alone was shown to be the fifth-most relaxing type of activity that they were able to think of.

*Another of the best self-care tips that you have never tried is to treat yourself to a night out to dinner. This is the perfect way to do something for yourself that will make you happy for no specific reason at all. After all, no one has to have any real reason to treat themselves to dinner at their favorite restaurant, so don’t be afraid to get yourself a big helping of your favorite dish to enjoy.

*Mental Health Self Care Tips. One other great self-care tip that you may have never tried is to never, ever feel bad about saying “no.” It can be easy to want to say “yes” all the time; however, the problem with this is that once you say this to too may people, you can be left feeling completely drained with virtually no time whatsoever to yourself. According to one expert, “saying no to something you don’t want to do but feel obligated to do is not only empowering, but is also an act of self-care.” Take the time to practice saying this and keeping your own schedule more open in order to give yourself time to recover.


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