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Three Ways to Help Those New Year Resolutions Stick

According to various studies, approximately half the United States population makes resolutions for the New Year; however, only 8% of those same people are actually able to achieve or stick to them. It’s not their fault, either! Sticking to a New Year resolution is hard! If it was easy, the completion rate would be higher. Maybe you’ve made resolutions in the past and haven’t been able to follow through, and that’s okay! This year is a new decade, and we’re here to help you stick to those resolutions and help you become happier and more confident in yourself.

Here are three tips to help you stay with those tough New Year resolutions!

Establish the Goal(s)

First and foremost, not only should you take the time to establish goals that are realistic, but you should also keep in mind that progress itself is never linear in nature! It’s true! Some people may actually see some kind of quick gain only to then come across a roadblock later on; however, others may experience progress at a much slower pace while then achieve success all at once or after a period of time. The road isn’t going to be without hills or bumps, but it’s still a road worth traveling on.

Keep a Journal

Another useful tip is to always keep track of your progress. This will help to keep you motivated while you concentrate on not only where you began, but also where you currently are as well. Additionally, you will also be able to further identify sticking points as a way to help with adjusting all of your efforts. Get a special journal or keep an online record of your goals, and write down your wins and opportunities for improvement every day, even if it’s just a sentence or two!

Keep Going

Keep in mind that whenever you experience any kind of a failure or setback, it should never be treated as a meltdown or an excuse for you to give up. Instead, take the time to acknowledge the mistake itself, then go back to working toward the goal that you’ve set for yourself, no matter how hard it may be and no matter how much further you may have to go.

Thank you for visiting CheerfulHearts by LauraBeth Ryan, a person who can help you to minimize stress during the holidays. We hope that you’ve found this blog helpful in taking the first steps towards accomplishing your New Year resolution! If you or someone you know needs a personal life coach to help them with conquering life goals, contact LauraBeth today.


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