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Three Ways to Overcome the Fear of Changing Careers

When it comes to changing careers, the thought can be paralyzingly frightening. Maybe you’re looking to go after a new opportunity in the career field you already work in, or you’re going to try something new entirely. Your current job probably offers financial security, familiarity, and routine, and separating yourself from that to try something new can be scary, and can conjure up negative thoughts and reactions. You may begin to immediately think of any and all possible worst-case scenarios that can take place, but even though you may enjoy the job you’re currently in, as well as those whom you currently work with, you may find yourself wanting something more out of your career. On the other hand, fearing change, especially when it comes to careers, can end up playing havoc with your anxiety, thereby causing you to end up feeling frustrated and making you remain where you are since it’s where you feel the most comfortable, which isn’t conducive to following your dreams and finding your true career passion.

If you’re thinking about changing careers or jobs, read through our useful tips for overcoming fears related to your career.

Visit a Recruiter

Consider meeting with a job recruiter! While this may sound like an odd step in helping to overcome fear of changing careers, it’s can actually help ease your anxiety. A job recruiter can help you with navigating through your previous work history, as well as help you define your overall skill set for future employers and career categories. This will help your resume stand out more in comparison to other applicants, and can help you show a new employer how you can apply your previous experience to a new position that may not have anything in common with your last position. A job recruiter can also assist you in getting through important interviews, and even help you narrow down where you want to interview at or look for jobs. All in all, a job recruiter can not only help calm your nerves, but give you a huge boost in confidence when it comes to your abilities and how they can be applied going forward.

List it Out

A pros and cons list is always a great tool for making big decisions. Consider composing a list of pros and cons for your potential decision to pursue a new career. As part of this list, don’t forget to include things influence how you yourself feel, especially how you may feel at that specific moment. This can include how you feel about tasks that you’ve been assigned, as well as other types of encounters that you deal with on a daily basis, whether it be with co-workers, clients, or your boss. Once your list has been completed, take a moment to think about how everything lines up with what is truly the most important to you and what is the most important for the future of your career.

Remember Your Past

Take a moment to think back to your childhood, or, more specifically, think about what you wanted to be when you grew up! No matter what you wanted to be and regardless of whether or not your Kindergarten aspirations are of any interest to you as an adult, think about what you would do now if income wasn’t a factor. From there, write down the first things that pop into your head. Think about what would make you the happiest, and all you would need to do in order to get yourself into that specific line of work. Maybe whatever it is could end up deterring you, or it may motivate you to put in extra work to help you land that one dream job you’ve always wanted! The bottom line to remember is that happiness is what will ultimately lead you to your biggest success.

Thank you for visiting CheerfulHearts by LauraBeth Ryan, a person who can help you overcome the fear of changing careers. We hope that you’ve found this blog helpful in taking the first steps towards deciding if you want to change careers or jobs! If you or someone you know needs a personal life and empowerment coach, contact LauraBeth today.


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