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Top five myths of professional life coaching

You Can Only Reach Your Personal and Business Goals with the Assistance of a Personal Coach

In reality, a great coach will always be one who is skilled at helping other individuals with bringing about more positive changes in their lives. This type of change, for some clients, can include personal goals such as relationships, reducing stress, balancing work and home life, and much more. Others, however, are more interested in business-related goals, including obtaining a promotion, becoming a leader, and more. No matter what type of goal someone wants to work toward, an effective personal coach will always work with their client in order to ensure that they get the change they’re looking for.

Only “Problem” Employees Need Professional Coaching

All effective coaching will help to focus on various strengths to help an individual obtain whatever it is that they want out of both their personal and professional lives. In terms of professional careers, this type of coaching is never restricted to only “problem” employees, as a coach is never there to simply “fix” someone, but they will always help them obtain a more compelling life in both their professional and private worlds.

Personal Coaching is Something that Takes Too Much Time

This type of activity is something that is more high-leverage in nature. In fact, if an individual spends only less than one hour every month with a personal coach, they will be able to obtain all sorts of amazing progress in terms of getting the future that they really want. There are some coaches who also prefer to meet with clients one-on-one in their offices; however, a vast majority recommend sessions over the phone due to there being less distractions and more privacy for the client. In terms of time, generally coaching sessions last anywhere between only 20 and 60 minutes for two to four sessions a month.

Executive Coaching Only Benefits Members of Upper Management and Entry Level Employees

Anyone who wishes to create a better life for themselves will always be able to benefit from something such as coaching. Initially, in terms of professional environments, this type of activity was only available to members of upper management; however, these days, multiple companies are choosing to offer coaching for each and every one of their employees, especially high-potential executives who are looking to perform in roles that continue to rapidly change. However, under 5% of coaching is currently restricted to those who are in a senior executive position.

Professional Coaches Offer Advice and Tell Clients What to Do

If a coach ever attempts to tell a client what to do and constantly provide advice, this should immediately raise a red flag that that individual is not actually good at what they do. A great and effective coach will never engage in this type of behavior. Coaches are experts are providing behavior-changing strategies, which is considered to be a great deal more valuable than telling a client what to do and always trying to give them advice.

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