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Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Confidence is something that has to come from within yourself. No one is born with unlimited confidence. It is something that you have to constantly work on. Whether it is confidence in work, school or life in general it is something that must be approached every day.

1. Tell Yourself

Step one is to change how you view yourself. One way to do this is to tell yourself how great you are. Say these affirmations out loud to yourself. If you say it often enough you start to believe it. Focus on the aspects of yourself that you don’t like and tackle one area at a time.

If you put yourself outside of your comfort zone it helps you grow as a person. If you do it often enough your comfort zone grows! Face things head on and things that used to scare you will become second nature.

3. Question your critics

Sometimes your biggest critic is yourself. If you find yourself thinking that you aren’t enough or are a failure, question it! What evidence do you have to support this? No matter what there is always more evidence to suggest that you are an amazing person. Start by accepting your own approval and then you will be able to accept other people’s praise as well.

4. Set yourself up to win

Start small. People get frustrated sometimes because they only have large, long-term goals. Start by setting yourself small goals that are quickly and easily achieved. Find accomplishment in daily activities. Once you have a string of successes it’s easier to picture attaining the larger goals.

5. Self-care

Your outward appearance can often be a reflection of how you feel outside. Practice self-care in all aspects of your life including a combination of good physical health, emotional health and social health. Make time to create good eating, sleeping and exercise habits.

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