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What Is Gluten?

Generally defined, gluten is the name used for all of the proteins that are commonly found in the following:




*Triticale (a cross between rye and wheat)

Gluten also helps foods maintain their overall shape, almost like a type of glue that holds everything together.

Gluten can commonly be found in the following types of foods:



*Baked goods





*Salad dressings



*Food coloring



*Brewer’s Yeast


*Rye bread

*Rye beer






In terms of living a gluten-free diet, one thing that can help you with this is oats, provided that they are properly labeled as being gluten-free. This is because cross-contact can occur in the event that oats are grown alongside barley, rye, or wheat.

For a gluten-free diet, completely removing something like this from your diet itself may sound like it’s difficult. Thankfully, there are all sorts of delicious and healthy foods that you can enjoy that are naturally free of gluten. These include the following:







There are also various types of grains and starchy foods that are naturally gluten-free as well, such as the following:











*Buckwheat groats







*Gluten-free oats

*Nut flours


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