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Dreams Really Do Come True

Have you ever dreamed of something big?  Have you wondered if your dream would ever come true?  Some feel that they would rather not get their hopes up because they don’t want to be disappointed.  But we were born to do great things and to do that, we must first have the dream.

When hardships and disappointments hit us, it can dissuade us from dreaming again.  I discovered this when I lost everything I had dreamed about.   I had just started Cheerful Hearts in 2006 and was so encouraged that the ten years of living in a bed and in pain was going to be used for something good.  Then shortly afterward, my marriage and family were in turmoil and I ended up losing it all.

My heart was broken and my #1 dream of family vanished.    I started over in Texas with nothing but a suitcase to my name.  How could I offer anyone else cheer now when I was hurting so badly?  What happened to the vision I had for Cheerful Hearts?   It had to be put on hold.

After getting much support from my sisters in Texas, grieving the loss of my marriage and getting counseling to deal with all of the heartache, I slowly began to allow myself to hope and dream again! The seeds that were planted to encourage others had been dormant for a few years but then began to sprout.   I sought out programs to help those with disabilities be able to work.   I needed the funding to create the foundation for the company again as I was starting from nothing.

After a strenuous year of educating myself and creating a 30 page business plan, I was awarded a grant to rebuild Cheerful Hearts!!!  That was a few years ago and today, my dream of uplifting and encouraging through our specialty greeting card and gift line, motivational speaking and Live Your Best Life coaching is a reality!  Not only did that dream come true but another one that was even bigger did as well!

I had no idea if I would ever find love again.  I was realistic in that it would have to be a special person to even want to date me knowing I lived with such physical limitations, had an independent personality and deep moral convictions.  But I knew I had a lot of love to give and wanted to be loved in return.  So I dared to dream of love that I knew existed.

It was a risk but one I felt worth taking.   And oh how glad I am that I did!  I met my husband, Kevin, on Christian Mingle and we became fast friends.   Soon we were in love and we just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.   He has a heart for God and has come along side me and been an incredible partner not only in life but with the business!

Let this be an encouragement to you that no matter what you go through or how long it may take  to keep dreaming.  When we hope we dream.   Let your dreams fuel you to take action to move towards your goals.  It may take longer than you expect; there may be major detours along the way.  But don’t let that stop you friend.   Because dreams really do come true!!    ~   LauraBeth Ryan  (c)  2015


First Year Anniversary @ Eats on 8th


First Year Anniversary


First Year Anniversary Dinner


Family Christian Store Debut


Family Christian Store Debut

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