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Conquering Time Management

Time management is an important part of many different aspects of your life. If you aren’t naturally good at personal productivity, like most of us, then you could probably use some tips. LauraBeth is the owner of Cheerful Hearts and is a time management online life coach.

Plan to Make a Plan

The first step to planning is setting aside time to plan. A plan doesn’t just magically appear. It takes work. So set aside time each week and month to schedule out and get organized. Tailor it to yourself and organize in a way that makes sense to you using colors, images, rhyming, etc.


Decide which events are most important to attend, which activities will give you the most reward and which meetings are worth attending. The most important items should be marked as such. Input them in all your calendars and have alerts set up with enough heads up to get ready if you forgot about them.

Productivity Tools

Having a full set of tools can help you achieve any goal and time management is no different. There are tons of programs and apps to use to help with productivity. Use your calendar apps, to-do list apps, alerts, etc. Use tools to help determine which items are priority or long-term tasks.

Thank you for visiting the Cheerful Hearts blog by LauraBeth, a time management online life coach. If you need help managing your time contact LauraBeth today.


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