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Why I Have a Beef with Barbie

When I grew up, I was both a tomboy and a girly girl. I loved playing dress up and remember dreaming of a life like Barbie & Ken in the Barbie dream house.

But the problem it created was that I wanted to look like Barbie, and have the “Perfect Life”. And back then, the only Barbie figure was tall, blonde, and an impossibly perfect figure.

Did you know that 90% of our actions are created by our subconscious mind? Meaning we are not even aware of why we are behaving the way we do. So I wanted to look like Barbie. Which was not realistic. As I was a dark-haired, short, brown-eyed girl.

That perfect life and perfect look made me strive for perfectionism. And that’s not healthy or possible. Thankfully times have changed, and Barbie is much more diverse. But most of the women I coach still strive for perfection in business and life.

I’ve learned that accepting ourselves, our good qualities, and our quirks and imperfections is how to gain a life of peace. So ditch the idealism and embrace life’s ups and downs. Life is not perfect, it can be messy and complicated.

But life can be full of joy despite all its imperfect moments. Learn to love yourself just as you are my friend. Because YOU ARE ENOUGH!


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